Eaton Funeral Service announces their 70th anniversary by encouraging non-profit organizations to apply for the "7k for 70 years" grant scholarship.

  • Submissions close May 19th.
  • Winners will be announced Monday, May 31, with the winners ceremony following on Tuesday, June 1.

For 70 years, Eaton Funeral Service has provided families with memorable remembrance experiences through celebrations of their loved one's life and the time they shared together. It’s only fitting to give back to the community that has trusted in them since 1951 in big ways!

Nick Miller, Manager of Eaton Funeral Service states, "We are proud and honored to be a part of such a community for this long. In honor of this anniversary marker, we want to give back to the community we love. Eaton Funeral Service is going to give away $7,000 to local nonprofits! We’re going to need your help choosing those nonprofits. So, please stay tuned on our Facebook page and website to learn more about “7k for 70 years!"

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